My R2-D2´s Show Appearances

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Date Event Remarks Click for more....
Dec 7th 1992 Offener Kanal (Citizen Channel), monthly movie magazine "Moviestar" R2 still without working motors R2 at Offener Kanal Dortmund
Oct 1st-3rd 1994 Jedi-Con `94 Cologne, Germany R2 suffers burned main engine relay With Anthony Daniels
Feb 16th 1995 Deutsche Welle Fernsehen, for the Berlin Film Festival (Filmfestspiele) Broadcast live worldwide via satellite R2 and team
Mar 15th 1997 Radio Interview of R2 (!) and me in the "Wilde Welt" show of ORB Only R2´s sound chip.... No pictures; Radio show....
Mar 15th 1997 German Premiere of StarWars-A New Hope Special Edition Invited by 20th Century Fox Germany Special Edition German Premiere
Mar 29-31 1997 Jedi-Con `97, Munich, Germany. Three day event. Artoo appears in all the shows Lorne Peterse autographing R2´s head
Jan 11th 1999 TV Berlin, Interview with R2, me and some friends in their costumes. TV Berlin didn´t pay my lousy 100 Marks travel expenses ! What a poor outfit.....
Mar 23rd 1999 ARD, Brisant Two days of shooting for five minutes of fame The Brisant shooting
May 12th 1999 RTL, Stern TV Live performance of R2; Interview with three fans R2 in the Stern TV studio
Sep 1st 1999 Digiglobe 1999 Award for digital achievements With George Lucas in one show - wow ! George Lucas speech
Nov 5th1999 Space Youth Event at the Sparkasse Wuppertal Very well organised by the Sparkasse crew. Sparkasse Wuppertal
Sep 23rd 2000 Film Score concert with the Synfonic Orchestra Wuppertal R2 performing before and during the concert No, not Caserta Palace...
Apr 13-15 2001 Jedi-Con 2001 in Cologne R2 disturb..., eh, assisted Don Bies during his guest panels and had a "dialogue" performance with the Jedi speaker during the Synfonic concert. Jedi-Con 2001
August, 2002 Filming for my R2 DVD Shooting of an action sequence for a DVD about my R2
Sep 14, 2002 Tydirium Filming of an additional sequence for the fan-film "Tydirium" Bilderseiten/tydirium.htm
Oct 11, 2003 F.A.C.T.S. 2003 in Gent, Belgium European Mini-Meeting of the R2 Builders Club Click here for more on FACTS 2003
Apr 9-11, 2004 Jedi-Con 2004 in Dusseldorf First major European Meeting of the R2 builders club Click here for more on JediCon 2004
October 2004 F.A:C:T:S: 2004

May 17, 2005 German Premiere in Berlin With George Lucas click for pictures here.
October 2005 F.A.C.T.S. 2005

October 2006 F.A.C.T.S. 2006

July 12th to 15th, 2007 Celebration Europe, London
{short description of image}
October 13th/14th 2007 F.A.C.T.S. 2007 Meeting old friends, and make some new ones..... {short description of image}
21st to 23rd, 2008
Jedi Con 2008 in Dusseldorf Very cool {short description of image}
July 19th, 2008 2008 501st Annual Gathering in the Moviepark Germany Outdoors for a change {short description of image}
September 5th, 2009 2009 501st Annual Gathering in the Moviepark Germany Nicer than ever, however... {short description of image}
October 17/18th, 2009 2009 Annual R2 Builders Gathering at FACTS convention, Gent, Belgium Now together with the French {short description of image}
April 3rd - 5th, 2010 Jedi Con 2010 in Dusseldorf Superb again {short description of image}
October 23rd/24th, 2010 FACTS 2010, Gent So many women, so little time.... click for FACTS 2010 pictures
April 28th- May 1st, 2011 FedCon, Düsseldorf Biggest SciFi con in Europe click for Fedcon 2011 pictures
June 4-5th, 2011 Starwars Weekend, Legoland Günzburg A wonderful family weekend click for Legoland 2011 pictures

Magazine reports about my R2-D2

Journal Of The Whills # 42

The Journal Of The Whills was the club magazine of the (at that time) unofficial European Star Wars Fan Club ESWFC, which later mutated to the Offical OSWFC. Issue 42 featured an article about my early Artoo-Deetoo, who was not very sophisticated at that time.

Large file ! 570 kJournal Of The Whills

Toy Hunter´s Journal # 8

The THJ was in my opinion Germany´s best (and for a long time only) Toy collector magazine. Since the interest group is about the same, the THJ often also publishes articles about modeling, props or costumes. So I wrote an article in this magazine about the building of my R2 and about the countdown to the Jedi-Con 97. It mostly deals with all the mishaps that happen to you when you tackle a project like this, and especially when you have a deadline.

Toy Hunter´s Journal #8

Non-R2 articles written by myself:

Toy Hunter´s Journal # 4

This issue featured a "Battlestar Galactica" special, and I did build the re-released kit of the Galactica, although with some refinements in the form of an interior lighting with glasfiber optics. Together with all weathering tricks I had it made a fine model that even made it onto the cover. Later, Revell Germany used pictures of my model for an advert.

Toy Hunter´s Journal #4

Star Wars Insider # 37

This is a report I´m rather proud of. It was at that time (and I think it still is) the first and only article in the US fanclub´s Insider from a German contributor. It is about my two trips to the actual location in Norway, where the exteriors for the ice planet Hoth were filmed. There´s nothing left from the shooting more than 20 years ago, of course, but you readily recognise the mountains and the ridgelines that were seen in the movie.

Insider #37Insider #37

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