F.A.C.T.S. - Con in Gent, Belgium

On October 11th, 2003, we visited F.A.C.T.S., one of the biggest Sci-Fi conventions in Europe, to meet with R2 builders from Belgium and the Netherlands. The Belgian Garrison of the 501st Legion had an incredible display with a 20 feet AT-AT, a full-size Snowspeeder and a full-size Speederbike.

We met with Wim "Admiral"  and his Aluminum-R2-building friend Clint from Belgium, and with Marco "Xeno-man" from the Netherlands, who brought his just-finished Artoo with him. Check the following pictures and drool:

(Inserted the full-size pictures, I will make this page more browser-friendly later)

Thanks again to the whole Belgian Garrison for their friendly and warm welcome !

Four European Builders

 Notice the perfect "Don Bies-stance"-imitation

R2 at Kenny Bakers table

R2 visiting Kenny and his wife during a quiet moment at their signing table.

Dave Prowse and the AT-AT

Dave Prowse and some minions of the Dark side in front of the amazing AT-AT.

The full-size snowspeeder

The incredible full-size Snowspeeder. You could even sit in the cockpit and have your picture taken there !

Clints Alu R2

Clints Aluminum R2.

Clint, myself and Yoda

Clint, myself and Yoda discussing some of the details on my R2.

Wim and Marco

droid parts

Some of Clints and Wim´s droid detail parts.

Speederbike and R2s

What a StarWars fan prop display !


"Are these the droids we´re looking for ?"

R2 builders with Kenny Baker

The four of us with Kenny Baker.