Jedi-Con 2004

The 2004 Jedi-Con took place in the CCD in Dusseldorf, a great location for events like this. The con was the setting for the first European meeting of the R2 Builders Club. All in all, there were 10 finished droids present, and about two and a half droids in parts. The attending R2 builders came from all over Europe: The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria and from Germany. We had three days of pure fun and talking droid. Xeno-man showed off his brand-new scooter-motor-driven R2, which was unbelievably fast. I think this was the end of the area of the windshield wiper motor.....

Setting up the exhibition

Arnd starting to set up the exhibition table

Setting up the droids

Above: R2 Builders setting up their droids.

R2 builders at work


Steven Sansweet signing Marco Hammerands R5

Steven Sansweet signs Marco´s R5 unit

Start of the C-3PO suit

After having been unveiled at the opening show, my C-3PO is put up in the R2 builders display.

Our volunteer Nicole and "her" C-3Po suit

Our very brave volunteer, who saved C-3PO´s appearance in the opening show, with "her" C-3PO-suit. She did really fine, and acted 3PO just like Anthony Daniels.

R2 builder´s autographs

Several more signatures on the famous world-travelling R2 builder´s banner.

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Beneath The Dome

Droidbuilders again

Don Bies Stance

Trying the Don Bies Stance

The boys having fun

The boys having fun (with the R2LA video DVD)

Marco Hammerands Gonk Show

Marco´s costume contest show (a bit shaky due to the distance)

The winning Wookiee

The winning Wookiee costume. A great show presentation by the way with Chewie knocking a bunch of bad guys over like in the Death star detention block. For more on the costume see

More winning wookiee

Let the Wookiee win !

A friendly Chewie and my family

The friendly Chewie and my little family. I was involved a bit in the beginnings of this huge project, but just for a few parts.

Marco Hamerands Gonk Droid

Marco´s Gonk Power Droid suit

A hairy visitor at the R2 builder´s room

A hairy visitor at the R2 builders room. His hairs helped to polish Xeno-man´s dome even further !

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