Jedi-Con 2001

Jedi-Con 2001, taking place in Cologne, Germany, featured a very special person among the celebrity guests: Don Bies, head of the Prequels droid unit. Don was a blast. Besides two super guest panels in which he showed a lot of unknown photos of R2, he also gave me an insider briefing into the real R2. Awesome !

Oh, besides this, there were other guests, among them Rick Mc Callum, Prequels producer. He was witness to an mazing Starwars concert on the second evening performed by a full symphonic orchestra.

Catering rating: ****; finally free food for the whole crew!

Don Bies, R2 and myself at Jedi-Con 2001

R2 at Jedi-Conīs concert

Jedi-Con concert

Jedi Conīs Concert

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