Fedcon (now in it´s 20th year) has become Europe´s largest general SciFi convention. This year, the R2 Builders were invited for the first time. Due to jobs, etc. we had to go for a limited presence, so just three droids during the weekdays, and a few more on Saturday. Yet, it was big fun to meet new people from other fan communities. Lucky Daniel was even featured in a hour-long TV piece for the German kid´s channel. We were also featured in the Saturday evening show, where my C-3PO costume, and Daniel´s R2 played a pivotal role in the "Muppet show"-themed jury break showpiece. A very brave young lady named Sonja climbed into my old and battered 3PO suit, and performed perfectly. She even had the guts to stay in the suit for a photo session afterwards. My hat off to so much bravery, and thank you very much, Sonja !

Our Booth
The R2 Builders booth, this time without our famous background, but a borrowed one courtesy of the 501st.
Our booth again
Some pretty interesting droids were there.
A superb bodypainted clone wars C3PO
This artist (Winner of the German masters in bodypainting) airbrushed a perfect clone wars C3PO.
An amazing Wampa costume that was about three meters tall
This amazing Wampa costume was about three meters tall. Really huge.
R2 at the X-Box
R2 sneaked his way to one of the many X-Box stations where the latest Lego Starwars game could be tested.

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