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Links to other great StarWars websites:

If you are looking for other interesting StarWars websites, here is a list of my favourite links:

First the official ones from the Lucasfilm Empire:

Off course......
The Lucasfilm Main page
The ILM page, mostly for professionals

R2-D2 related fan pages

The main page of the R2 Builder´s Club The R2 Builder´s Club, by now the database center of the R2 builder´s world. At least as important as the Builder´s Club site !
The; very good early version of the "official" drawings.Sadly offline by now, but try the Internet wayback machine.
Ramjet´s R2 page , with dimensioned pdf-drawings. Highly recommended ! Also offline now, but historically  very important.
Ramjet´s R2 page
The page of Christina Carr and Martin Hunger´s R2-D2, two other very early pioneers of R2-building ! Also offline now, but I hope it can still be found.
Robert Brown´s R2-D2 analysis page. With lots of pictures of all the gadgets.
Sadly no loner online for reasons unknown, but listed here anyway, you still find it in some webarchives
The early R2 page of Jean-Marie

General StarWars sites

Tim, a professional SFX Artist, has scratchbuilt a variety of brilliant SW models, among them a TIE-Bomber and a Y-Wing. But his masterpiece is his original-size Falcon model, presented here with a how-to-do-manual. .
If you ever wanted to know everything, and I mean everything, about Solo´s ship, this is your link. In my view one of the best SW homepages I have found!
Sadly no longer online, but can still be found on some webarchives !
Robert Brown´s Millenium Falcon Page
Curtis Saxton´s Technical StarWars Homepages.
How to build your Stormtrooper costume, and many other useful things like a vacuum table.

German sites - Deutsche Seiten

The official German StarWars Fan Club
The site of Jedi-Con 2001, 2004 and all the other great conventions
Starwarsunion, a German SW news site
Alexander´s superb CHEWBACCA costume was THE highlight on JediCon 2004. This page shows all about the costume


Many people helped me with the design and the construction of this homepage. Thanks to everyone and some special thanks to:

R2-D2 Literature and Sources:

Off course, there are probably thousands of books and articles about our favourite little robot. I will try to list the most interesting books, magazines and other sources that helped me to collect all that knowledge about Artoo and to built my droid.

StarWars Blueprints
Ballantine Books; 15 blueprints 19´´x13´´, including one side elevation of R2-D2.
The Art Of StarWars Carol Titelman; Ballantine Books; contains sketches and a large photo of a prototype R2.
SW/ESB/ROTJ-The Original Radio Dramas
NPR-broadcast on CD; very interesting details about the events right before ANH
StarWars Triology CD-Rom
by Sound Source Interactive; contains dozens of digitized R2-D2-sounds and video clips.
StarWars Technical Journal Vol.#1
by Shane Johnson; Starlog press; page 59 shows front views of both R2-D2 and R5-D4.
Behind the Magic - The Insider´s Guide to Star Wars
by Lucasarts Entertainment 1998; CD-ROM; amazing Database with hundreds of photos, videos and millions of info bits about the movies. Must have !
Magie eines Mythos (German) - Episode 1
by Lucasarts Entertainment 1999; CD-ROM; not as good as the one about the "Classic" movies, but nevertheless a very good source !
Star Wars - The Visual Dictionary
by David West Reynolds ; DK Publishing Inc.1998; contains a multitude of amazing new pictures of rare props from the LFL archives. Mixed inbetween those "genuine" pics however, are some photos of cool-looking hardware fabricated especially for the book. For example none of the R2-D2-arms shown seems to be an original that appeared in the movies. Yet, this book is warmly recommended for the technically oriented fan !
The Robot Builder´s Bonanza
by Gordon McComb; TAB Books 1987; for those folks who wish to make a true robot out of their Artoo. Shows several types of homebuilt robot projects including the mechanical and electrical solutions.
Star Wars - The Essential Guide to Droids
by Wallace / Hughes / Vigil, Ballantine Books. Contains the complete story of the developement of the whole R-series, together with some quite nice drawings. No photos though, sadly......
The StarWars Chronicles
1995 Take Shobo Publishing, Tokyo. This superb book is the fullfilment of every prop builder´s dreams. Thousands of pictures, mostly never published before, of all the gadgets, costumes, droids, vehicles and models from the classic movies. Even stuff from Startours or the Ewok movies. Amazing !

to be expanded....

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