Me and R2 at the Berlin Premiere

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R2-D2, our favourite astromech unit from the STARWARS-movies, started to impress me right in the beginning, in 1977. Back then, I dreamed about how great it would be to have an Artoo robot at home. It took me about thirteen more years to collect the mechanical experience to plan and to built a full-size, moving, radio-controlled R2-D2, but in 1997 I finally had it ready to go : A reliable, remotely controlled Astromech Droid.

About that time, the Internet got into full swing, and I put this page up in 1998. A lot of people contacted me over the years, and Im glad to say that one of them was Dave Everett, who founded the by-now famous R2 builders club, which by now is mostly meeting in the forum at

By now, Artoo-building has become a worldwide hobby that is pursued by hundreds of people on all continents. Youll find more on the amazing group that was formed further on this page.


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