R-droids at Disney´s StarTours and other Locations:

All Disney theme parks in the world now feature a StarTours ride, the famous StarWars-flight simulator ride that shoots you right through the first battle for the Death Star. There are several great Internet sites dedicated to StarTours as a whole, one of them is SWStarTours.net. They have many pictures of all the droids. I will concentrate on the R-series here :

R2 is featured in the simulator itself (although only on a video screen), and also in 3D in the indoor part of the waiting queue. There he tries together with C-3PO to prepare a Starspeeder 3000 for the trip to Endor. This part seems to be similiar in all parks (I have just seen three of them so far). What´s not similiar in all the rides are the surroundings of the waiting queue. It always has the same elements, but they differ and are differently arranged. But they all feature several R-series droids at work, some of which I will show here:

Disneyland, Anaheim, California, USA:

R2-feet from below ! A R5 droid in Disneyland
R2-feet from below ! A R5 droid at Disneyland Anaheim, CA
An R4 from above {short description of image}
An R4 droid seen from above. The same as above, but in widescreen !

Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida, USA:

R2´s footprints at the Universal studios Florida
R2´s footprints at Universal Studios Florida. Check the wheels arrangement !

Disneyland Europe, Paris, France:

R2 in the Starspeeder R2 and C-3PO with the Starspeeder
(klick to enlarge) (klick to enlarge)
Repairs on an R5-series droid. Watch the IG-88 head in the background ! Another view of the same place some months later. R5´s head has been removed !
(klick to enlarge) (klick to enlarge)
And once again the same scene. A R4-series droid at some control panel

R2-D2 at the Original Legoland, Denmark

For 1999´s Episode 1 celebrations, there was an (almost) full-size R2-D2 right behind the park entrance, together with an impressive Darth Vader, both completely made of Lego ! Both figures had very neat, proximity-activated sound effects. Our R2 did the original R2 beeping, and the Vader had his very awe-inspiring breathing.

R2 and Vader R2 made of Lego

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